164 Club of Sweden

on Internet since December 6, 1995
for Volvo 164 enthusiasts all over the world

På Svenska, Tack!
(lite utförligare....)

164 Club of Sweden is a non-profit-making association for people who likes the best Volvo ever made,

the VOLVO 164 (1969-1975).

Our association was founded in 1987 and we have about 300 members. Most of our members are from Sweden, but there are quite a few from other countries. Why don't you also join us?

More information about our club an about how to become a new member...

"Car of the week":

Here we will ad a new picture of a Volvo 164 every weekend.

Our list with "all" 164s at www.164list.se had - at last - a major update in December 2014. Added about 400 pictures.....

Our other pages:

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164 Club of Sweden
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